Empowering Emerging Social Justice Artists

2023-24 Fellowship Applications Now Open – Deadline September 22!

Our Mission

The Center for Arts + Social Justice’s mission is to support, equip and elevate the impact of emerging artists in their communities for social good.

Our 2022-2023 Fellows

It’s important to inspire questions. When people ask questions, they inherently link a part of themselves to a topic. We need those connections to be made because they’re a part of engagement, and we’re at a critical time where we need everyone to be engaged for the environment.

Thammika Songkaeo

| 2022 International MFA in Creative Writing & Literary Translation

As a designer it’s exciting to have a seat at the table where a lot of change can happen in terms of accessibility and otherwise. I get to see my work directly affect my community basically whenever I leave my home.

Lex Poolos

| 2020 MFA in Graphic Design

Art is change. Art is a catalyst for organizing and moving people to action. Art has the power to reflect / reimagine / articulate people’s narratives and lifeworlds, especially those whose stories have been erased, exploited, or ignored.

Kei Slaughter

| 2013 MFA in Music Composition

On the path to Art + Social Justice: “ Over the years of making, teaching, researching, and learning, I realized I could merge the two. Vermont College [of Fine Arts] was an important experience in this regard.

Barbara Yontz

| 2004 MFA in Visual Art

2023-24 Fellowship Applications are Open!