B.K. Zervigón

Music Composition


B.K. Zervigón’s Center supported work is “Lineages: How do we learn? How do we inherit?” Presented in collaboration with community-based organizations the Historic New Orleans Collection and the Alluvium Ensemble, spearheaded by composer and current VCFA student B.K. Zervigón, “Lineages” offers a musical survey of New Orleans’s music history to the public. The concert brings together three generations of living New Orleans artists to engage in discourse around what shared musical heritage we as New Orleanians possess. From the Creoles of Color who educated the first generation of jazz greats, to the concert music of the mid-20th century, to the avant garde experimentalism of our fringe communities, New Orleans’ music scene defies easy categorization. Despite this, racial segregation has separated our rich shared culture into false partitions- isolating “jazz” from “classical,” “gig music” from “serious music.” Through deep scholarship in the Historic New Orleans Collection’s extensive archive as well as archival work with local scholars and culture bearers Tyrone Chambers II, Roger Dickerson and Dr. Tara Melvin, Zervigón has helped craft a program that is as rich and provocative as New Orleans. The concert will be followed by a roundtable discussion with our musical Elders as we try to elucidate what that “New Orleans Sound” really is and how we got it.

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