Chris Lange

Graphic Design


Chris Lange’s Center supported work is “Just A·S·C!” Lange’s VCFA thesis studies the economic and political power structure behind the growth of monopsonies and monopolies. This has led to the realization that individual agency depends upon independent and community ownership models. Lange is an artist, graphic designer, and teacher focused on community engagement in Toronto, Canada. Lange will be facilitating public and free weekly workshops in public spaces during 2024-2025. These public workshops center around a website he launched called the Anti-Subscription Catalogue ( The A·S·C project advocates for equitable public access to digital tools through open-source, co-operative, and collective ownership models using software that is free, open-source, and a one-time fee—instead of subscription-based. From educational access to digital literacy, Lange is looking to grow A·S·C locally at libraries in the form of workshops that promote a diversity of tools, software, websites, and approaches. Say no to creative rent! Just A-S-C instead.

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