2024 Center Fellowship Recipients Have Been Selected

Artists have the ability not only to reflect reality but also to create it.


The Center for Arts + Social Justice aims to support, equip and elevate the impact of emerging artists in their communities for social good. Center Fellows showcase the work of the VCFA community that advances social justice goals, and inspires reflection on the role of art and the artist in contemporary society.


  • Individual Fellowships ($2,000) will be awarded for work in progress that demonstrates the intersection of art and social justice.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships ($4,000) will be awarded to small teams (2 or more students) of collaborators who are working at the intersection of art and social justice in multiple disciplines.
  • Community-Engaged Fellowships ($5,000) will be awarded to students who are working in collaboration with an existing nonprofit organization, agency, or other collective on a project with mutually-beneficial outcomes.


Center Fellowships were created to promote and support the creation and development of new creative work that demonstrates commitment to social change.

The fellowship period will run from January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024.

In addition to receiving the Fellowship award, Fellows commit to monthly meetings. During these meetings, fellows will have the opportunity to present work in progress to their cohort, and participate in professional development. Center Fellows will have the opportunity to present work in progress at the 2024 Summer Residency, and will participate in Culminating Events at the 2025 Winter Residency, which will include past fellows, and invited guests as part of the Center residency events.

More Information + Resources:

2024 Center Fellowship Resource Guide

Information Session Slides


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As a designer it’s exciting to have a seat at the table where a lot of change can happen in terms of accessibility and otherwise. I get to see my work directly affect my community basically whenever I leave my home.

Lex Poolos

| 2020 MFA in Graphic Design

It’s important to inspire questions. When people ask questions, they inherently link a part of themselves to a topic. We need those connections to be made because they’re a part of engagement, and we’re at a critical time where we need everyone to be engaged for the environment.

Thammika Songkaeo

| 2022 International MFA in Creative Writing & Literary Translation

2023-24 Fellowship Applications are Open!