Ethan Sudan

Music Composition


In his work supported by the Center, Ethan Sudan composed a remembrance piece inspired by and dedicated to Fern Feather, a trans individual who was murdered in the spring of 2023 in central Vermont. This heartbreaking tragedy shook Sudan’s close personal network.

After coming out as trans in the early 2000s, Sudan, an undergraduate student in Atlanta at the time, attended his first Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil. At the event, Sudan was devastated to hear name after name read of all the trans people who had been killed in the previous year—too many names. Year after year, Sudan would listen to more and more names read. While Sudan has dedicated this remembrance to Fern, he seeks to honor all victims of violence and hatred through his composition.

Sudan says of the project: “I find the creation and unfolding of the music to be a healing outlet and can only aspire that others may find healing in the listening, singing, or playing of it as well raising awareness. I wish to share this composition at a future Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil (honored annually on November 20) and at a future gathering to remember Fern.”

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