Ty Chapman

Writing for Children & Young Adults


Hero of the Glade (working title)—Ty Chapman’s Center supported work—is a middle grade fantasy novel deeply rooted in environmentalism. Taking inspiration from a lengthy history of portal narratives and terrific fantasy novels by Black authors, this work follows a Black boy named Terrence, from Minneapolis, who makes unexpected discoveries about himself while exploring and protecting a strange land. The Glade is home to myriad strange creatures, many of whom are displaced due to the machinations of a malevolent force. The embodiment of industrialism and Eurocentrism, this force seeks single-mindedly to expand, produce, and colonize. Terrence must lean on his family’s legacy of guardianship and stand in solidarity with The Glade’s different peoples to thwart those who would strip the land of its magic. Of course, Terrence must balance this act of resistance with family matters and what it means to be a good friend. Easy, right?

Chapman’s mentor texts for this work included The Edge Chronicles, Race to the Sun, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky, and more.

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